Sunday, August 19, 2007

Onam-kuttanadan thoughts

Onam, the shining light into the darkness of Karkkidakam. Karkkidakam is not too bad. It energises the body and the Ramayana strengthens our mind. But the myths made the name 'kalla karkkidakam'. Every Karkkidakam it provokes me to read the great epic. In school days really I was not at all interested to read the Ramayana because of the exams, tuitions etc. but now in between the quarrels of my little ones I really I struggle to find some time to spend with Sita, Rama and the great Hanuman. My parents was very particular about these rituals. Now I thank them because Ramyana opens the treasure of our rich heritage. I often tell tales of Ramayana to my son Hari Govind. We can only give such guide lines for a value based generation.

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