Saturday, May 14, 2016


Life's twists and turns had made me so lazy in my phase of writing.  It's so crazy to be in a position to reshuffle your mind and rejuvenate it with some creative ideas.
Since my childhood I had heard lot about yoga.  It's my ambition to join one of the yoga classes.  Six months ago I had joined a class near to my home.  In Google whenever you type yoga you will get umpteen sites describing the benefits of yoga and inspiring images of yoga postures.  In my opinion yoga is highly effective self disciplined program for mind and body.  But sustaining through the daily routine is tedious.  It needs more mind power than to join a class.  Some times we need someone to support us to go through all these.  It's the dedication we need on a daily basis for the practice.  Whenever we go through a yoga session it gives me immense pleasure and it makes me smile when I complete an asana that's difficult  for me.
yoga gives you a new dimension to lifes tiring schedules.  It pushes you to go beyond your comfort zones.   It's a learning path to our culture.  It increases our prana.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

To my most beloved father

Whenever I go through the hardest path
I always remember you
It's you who made me to walk
Dad I love you more than anything in world
I trust you like nature
I feel you like a cool breeze
you are my ever time listener
You are my strong supporter
you are everything in my life
loving you always and praying for your health

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy new year to all of you

For the last two years happy new year is the first and last post in that year . This year I will surely post more and more.
Its a pleasure to see my fellow bloggers  posts.Today my news paper had some clippings about swami vivekananda. The name itself is so energising.   Dedicating this new year post to the great visionary of India.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

shifted to new house

We had shifted to our new house.  It's very happy to go through the blogs after a long gap.  These blogs coloured my dreams.
Blogs made me to think.  I am trying to get back to them. I value this platform.  It's a windows to the outer world.   Thank you....Thank you....Thank you....

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My little Sister

Its that energy that make me strong
Its my complement to complete me
Its a wind of love that soothens me
Its a strong pane supporting me
Its a gift from my parents
Its an ever time listner to my stories
Its a mischievous child  in childhood
Its more than anything in this world

I am taking part in Write Tribe prompt 'Little Sister'

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Alliyambal kadavil ninnum......

Nature teach us the calmness,  beauty and purity.  

Happy and prosperous New year to all of you

Its  my great wish to continue blogging in this year.  Blogging inspired me to read and write more.
Still I am not a professional writer but this platform had given me the freedom to expose in front of the world.
I am grateful for all these and love all of you for inspiring me all the time.

During vacations we will argue for the trips.  After the trips I had written these lines

It was a search to find a solitude among these problems
It was a search to find the warmth of lush green
It was a search to run away from myself
It was a wish to see the earth in this small life
It was a wish to travel through the path of our ancestors
Above all it was an escape from my daily routines

It was an escape from the zinc with unwashed vessels
Anyway it made me to think
It made me to look with amazing eyes
Its short journey during this long journey 

Again wishing you all a happy new year.......


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