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Kariveppu-The most familiar plant of Kerala

Every home in Kerala have a Kariveppu . It is really an inevitable factor of our dishes even if its a Kichadi or a Kappa Puzhukku. The inviting appearance of most of our dishes have the images of Kariveppila in it. Its used for seasonig dishes in South India. In Kerala it is used as a whole or it can be chopped.
Its a rich source of Vitamin A and it have cooling effect on our body. Its a must in our buttermilk preparations. It can be used as fresh and its sauted in oil for seasoning.
When googled about these humble leaves the result was surprising British are using its powdered version to imitate Indian Cooking!!!
It is available in other countries as fresh and dried forms.
Its an easy growing plant in Kerala, but because of the lack of space most of the people are buying it from shops. Now its coming from Tamil nadu. Last week I have to travel through the NH47 in early morning then we saw lorries which carried vegetables from Tamilnadu decorated with heaps of curry leaves on the ultimate top. But the kariveppila which bought from shop have not the magic aroma of the local one. My mother always say she needs the 'nadan kariveppila' than the other variety. This thamil nadu variety is larger than the local one but in case of aroma it will fail.
The aroma of the Kariveppu invokes the apetite. It is used in Ayurvedic and Unani medicines. It increases the digetive power of the body and fights against the poisons. It acts as an antiseptic also. The leaves with buttermilk eases the problems due to indigestion. It is a hair nourisher also. Its juice with honey is given as a medicine for worm diseases in children. The leaves are rich with Vitamin A. Add the juice to the kurukku(a special dish for small children). Every part of Kariveppu is rich with Amino acids and Alkaloids. It is used with turmeric as an external medicine for Allergy. 'Kariveppila Chammanthi' A preparation with grated coconut purifies the blood and speeds the digestion.
Names of Kariveppila in other languages
Ten home remedies with kariveppila

  1. Grind the leaves. Make this paste as a small ball and take it with hot water in early morning. Remedy for all the illness due to the increase in Cholestrol.

  2. Grind kariveppila and turmeric. This paste with hotwater is a remedy for Escema in foot. This medicine must take in the morning itself.

  3. Boil water with the leaves of Kariveppu. Drink this water on a regular basis will lessen your digestive problems.

  4. Grind Kariveppila with Turmeric. Excellant for fungal diseases.

  5. Digestive problems after eating meat-Grind Green ginger and Kariveppila. Add this paste into Buttermilk. Drink this mix.

  6. Loss of hair-Boil coconut oil with Kariveppila, Kattarvazha, Mylanji. Massage this oil into your scalp.

  7. For thick and black hair- Boil coconut oil with Kariveppila

  8. For cracking of the heels- Grind Turmeric and kariveppila. Apply this paste into the affected parts for 5 days.

  9. Louse and dandruff-Grind the nuts of Kariveppila and lime juice. Apply this into your scalp. Bath after half an hour.

  10. Skin diseases- Apply the paste of kariveppila on a regular basis

How to store curry leaves- Curry leaves must be fresh, to store curry leaves, after thorough washing put it inside a container and keep it in refrigeratior.

A detailed description of the curry leaves from a fellow blogger



English:Curry leaves

Botanical name: Murraya koenigii

Its a local plant so there must be some beliefs existing with this plant. 'Kariveppila pole' is a popular saying in Malayalam: even if we are using it in our Curries we will throw it away and most of the people do not eat them but they need their taste and aroma. Like this if people need one's income or effort and doesn't need them then we say they considered him as kariveppila.

According to my grandmother ladies must not touch the plant during their menstrul time. There may be more versions according to region anyway kariveppila is an indispensable part of our life.

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