Sunday, October 7, 2007

Some plants from Kerala-having medicinal value Shankupushpam

White shankupushpam flower
Blue shankupushpam flower
Leaves of Veppu

Manja Thechi(yellow thechi)
"Thechi mandaram thulasi pichaka malakal charthi
guruvayoorappa ninne kanikanenam"

Arya veppu(veppu)(Neem) used as a germ killer...Beauty enhancer and blood purifier.
Purify blood. It is Antiviral, Anti bacterial, Antidandruff and Antidiabetic properties. Powder of Aryaveppu with coconut oil is a good remedy for Dandruff. Mix Neem powder, Curd and red sandal wood powder in equal proportion is a good medicine for Pimples

Shanku pushpam-A lovely flower mostly found in Kerala. Used in Temples. This is also found in white and Rose colours. It has medicinal properties. Its roots, leaves and the plant itself are used for medicines in Ayurveda. Every malayalee will remember this flower through the nostalgic voice of Yeshudas 'Shanku Pushpam Kannezhuthumbol Shakunthale ninne orma varum.....'

In Ayurveda it is considered as the greatest herb for the mind power. It enhances your beauty. It is also beneficial for your nervous system. An ayurvedic article related to the medicinal use of shanku pushpi for the memory loss is mentioned below.

yellow chethi
Photo of manja chethi


PixelShots said...

nice kerala flowers. hope you keep updating the kerala photo galleries here. me too have some kerala flower pics in my blog pixelshots with the flower names and info. flowers like jamanthy, violet dahlias, blanket flower, shoe flowers, water hyacinth flowers, kanikonna or gold shower, hydranchea, kerala rose flowers,neelakurinjy etc.

cu around
kerala photo blog

PixelShots said...

herbal flowers and medicinal fruits of kerala. shankupushpam or clitoria tenatia and fruits like mulberries, atha chakka, guava, mangoes, papaya etc.


kerala photo blog


Shriram said...

many thanks for this lovely effort... I was looking forward to info on Shankhu pushpam and that is how I hit ur blog. I had recently planted the blue flowers seeds and they have just flowered. I have also planted the white ones seeds more recently and awaiting its flowering. A question: will the red and yellow thetchi poo tree grow if a cutting is planted? Also where does one get seeds of the rama thulasi and karpura thulasi?


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