Thursday, October 11, 2007


Karpoora thulasi leaves
Rama Thulasi-Images from Thammanam, Kochi.

Rama Thulasi has a very special fragrance.

Krishna thulasi

Krishna thulasi poo(thulasikkathir)-'Oru krishna thulasi kathirumay ninne njan ennum pratheekshichu ninnu, neeyithu kanathe pokay? neeyithu choodathe pokayo?

Leaves of Kattu thulasi. Kattu thulasi is also used in lotions and cleaning liquids. Shots from Kasimadom, Perunnai.

Karpoora thulasi -effective way to repel mosquitos:This plant is from a friend's home at Thammanam.

Krishna thulasi -From my home's Thulasithara at Perunnai.

Thulasi -Most of the homes in Kerala had a 'Thulasithara' (a specially made platform) to plant Thulasi in the courtyards. Thulasi has medicinal properties and also considered as a 'devatha'(goddess) according to Hindu culture.

10 medicinal properties..

  1. Thulasi is a remedy for eye disorders:ailments dueto Vitamin A like sore eyes and night blindedness. The juice of black Thulasi can be put into the eyes.

  2. Insect bites: Fresh juice of the leaves may be applied to the affected area and repeat this in an hourly basis.

  3. skin disorders: Juice is a remedy for ringworm

  4. Coughs-It is an important constituent of all Ayurvedic cough syrups

  5. Flu and Cold-Excellant remedy for flu and cold

  6. Respiratory disorder

  7. Heart disorder-It reduces the level of cholestrol

  8. Teeth disorders-Powder made from the dried leaves can be used to brush the teeth

  9. Mouth infections:A few leaves can be chewed ill reduce the irritations

  10. Kidney stone:The juice of leaves and honey taken in a regular basis will expel the stone through urine.

  11. Thulasi juice with pudina juice and lime juice will remove your pimples


My Career in Java said...

Does karpoora thulasi really helps to keep away mosquitoes..????????

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thanks for the post...very useful for refreshing memory =D


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