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Everything about Chakka

Plavila kori-old version of spoon in kerala. We had made special hats made of plavila stitched with Eerkili.
Plavu images


Chakka madal -This is used in chakka aviyal

Pacha chakka -Arakku or mulanjil can also be seen. Resin of the chakka makes it difficult to prepare. First we have to oil our hands to take these chulas out.

Koonjil -Koonjil with chakkakuru thoran is a variety dish. Its a spicy dish made from chakka. Every part of chakka other than the peel can convert into a tasty dish.

Pacha chakka chula
Its a difficult task to separate chakka chula from chakka. First we have to oil our hands to prevent 'Mulanjil' or 'Arakku'. We use velichenna (coconut oil) for this. We must have sharp knife to cut this great fruit. It was a great work of elders. First we cut chakka into two and then to small pieces. Then we will cut the koonji and then we separate the chakka chula from the madal. After that we have to clean chakka chula. Chakka chula will be surrounded by chakinis. At last we separate kuru from chula. Then we have to cut chula in correct shape according to the receipi. In my home my ammoomma did that with great smile. We had ate the end result of their hard work. Now I know the work behind a chakka preparation.

Chakini-Fiberous part separating chulas . Chakini thoran is very tasty.

Aanjily chakka-Fruit of the tree Aangily which used for making furniture. This chakka is also very tasty. Chulas are very small with shining yellowish colour. Aanjily chakka kuru is also a good fried snack.

Pazhutha Chakka chula....yummy .....
Vazhana ela- Special type of leaves used to make Chakka Appam. Fragrance of vazhana ila makes the dish more tasty. Chakka appam can also be made in 'vatta ila' or plantain leaves(vazha ila).

Plavila-The leaves of Plavu. Earlier plavila is used as a spoon to eat 'Kanji'. It has medicinal qualities. Plavila is a fodder to goat and cow. My neighbours had collected plavila using 'Plavila kuthi' a long metal rod with handle they collected plavila from our courtyard.
Chakka kuru- A delicious and starch rich food. A lot of dishes with chakka kuru is a speciality of Kerala.
Chakka Appam (Kumbil Appam) - A special dish made by ripen jack fruit, Sharkara(jaggery), ghee and rice powder. We can add coconut slices to make it more tasty. The leaves used are called 'Vazhana ela' with a special Aroma. Its very sweet and healthy food because its cooked in steam. This dish is a seasonal dish from Kerala because of the availability of Chakka.
Pazhutha chakka- chakka murichathu
Ripe jack fruit. To know more about the name Jack fruit

' Venamengil chakka verilum Kaykum' A famous 'pazhanjollu' in malayalam. Above picture taken from my neighbours house at perunnai, the jack fruit had grown in the roots.
The big 'twins'
Chakka images from the plavu in the courtyard of my home at Perunnai. According to vasthu it is auspicious to have a plavu in the eastern side of house. Leaves of this tree is a special fodder for cattles. Its a wild growing and shade giving tree. Its wood is used for making furniture and its an essential item for pujas and homam.

Chakka may be the largest fruit in the world. It is a very common and seasonal fruit in Kerala. It is really delicious and rich with vitamins. Mainly there are two varieties: Koozha and Varikka. Koozha chakka is rich with fiber, it is suitable to 'Puzhukku'. 'Then varikka' is a mouth watering variety which taste like honey(തേന്‍ ).

In Kerala lot of dishes are very special using Chakka as a main ingredient. Some of them are

  • Chakka puzhukku

  • Chakka avial

  • Chakka thoran

  • Chakkakuru mezhukkupuratti

  • Chakkakuru and muringakka

  • Chakkakuru and manga

  • Koonjil thoran(Koonjil is the spongy part inside chakka)

  • Chakini thoran(Chakini is the separating part between chakka chulas)

  • Chakka erissery

  • Chakka mezhukkuperatty

  • Chakka chula varuthathu

  • Chakka prdhaman

  • Chakka varattiyathu

  • Chakka appam

  • Idinjakka thoran

  • Chakka pappadam

  • Chakka varuthathu or chakka upperi

  • Chakka madal avial(madal is the part between the outerskin and chakka chula)Kadachakka is another variety which have no seeds inside. It is also fibre rich. Kaithachakka is pineapple.

  • Idinjakka-Chakka in a tender stage. 'Idinjakka thoran' is a special dish.

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