Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some plants common in Kerala

These pictures are from my sister in law's home at Kattappana. Chena stored for planting in the next year . Cow dung and compost are the main manure for this tuber.

Chena known as elephant foot yam is the most popular tuber vegetable of Kerala.

Chena leaves-'chenathandum cherupayarum' (Elephant yam). Most of the homes have a few chena plants which will meet their needs. Chena mezhukkupuratti(chena upperi), chena thoran, chena cherupayar kari, chena erissery and chena masala are the most common dishes made by this tasty vegetable. In Ayurveda chena can be used with any medicines. Chena is rich with fiber. Its easy to digest and nutritious too.

Leaves of Tapiocca(Kappa). Kappa is a delicious food rich with starch. Dishes made by Kappa are mouth watering. Kappa puzhukku, Kappa Chenda muriyan, Kappa upperi, Kappa pappadam, Kappa parippuvada, Kappa uppumavu and Kappa Masala are some of them. Kappa is my favourite food too. Children also like its taste.

Kochi, the queen of Arabian Sea is expanding as a Metro, your children have a lot to enjoy in this wonderful city, have a ride with them through these places and have a memorable summer vacation. Children's hub in Ernakulam.

Today's tip: Ramacham can be used as a scrub in your bath, it assures a mild fragrance around you for the whole day....

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