Saturday, June 28, 2008

Poovam tree and its attachments

An evergreen tree of Kerala. My school play ground has a very old Poovam tree. Under the tree there will be a carpet of fallen leaves and its fruits. It was a very big tree. Not only humans but trees, some flowers or some smells can make us nostalgic. 'A girl in white shirt and blue skirt with rose ribbons in hair' is the image attached with the Poovam tree in my mind. Still its there without branches. We gathered there during our drill period.
In English its known as Ceylon Oak. Oil extracted from its seed is used for ayurvedic medicines. Its wood is very hard.
Koovalam has also such an image...My father's home had a very big Koovalam with plenty of fruits. The 'asthithara' of my appooppan and ammoomma was kept there. That tree is also have a fixed place in my mind with the background of the ancient house with lot of 'Verandhas'. That was a typical Kerala home with 'Naduthalam' may be living room , ara'wooden store room' and Nilavara'underground store room'. It was in Kuttanadu. Nelkrishi was the main thing there. There was a big 'erithil' means cow shed there. We can see 'Vaikkol koona' or 'kachi thuru' as a fodder in each house.
'Mulaku chembarathi' a type of hibiscus flower will always remind me my ammoomma, she was bedridden for several years. Then I was in first or second standard, these flowers from the hedges ,the pungent smell of 'Kuzhambu' are still in my memories . When my father talk with her I will pluck these flowers and play with them. Thus these flowers became the thumb nail images of the sufferings of that good old lady.


Shankaranarayanan said...

In Laoor Kartyayani Temple compound there is a grant old Poovam tree which must be very very old.During my childhood(65yrs.ago) I along with my friends used to pick and eat the juicy pulp of the berries. When I last visited my ancestral home in 2008 the tree was benevolent in gifting the juicy berries. But the ever abundant leaves were much less. The tree must be as old as the temple, over 1500 years with the pratishta of Brahma Rakshas at the foot.

Your picture is definitely not poovam but seems to be Eucalyptus or something. It branches out at around 10 feet unlike in the picture which grows straight. And the trunk is not smooth and does not shed its bark

Kindly ensure the correctness.You may access Kartyayani Temple to get a Picture of the grant old tree at the west corner of the temple and post it. Incidentally Cochin Devaswom Board abandoned renovation of the temple midway, closing western entrance and sadly in a crumpling condition with murals and carvings damaged
Sankaranarayanan Chendra

AswathiBabu said...

Its not poovam tree. This image is from Munnar. I had mentioned other trees also. I had no picture of poovan. I had posted this image and not intended that its poovam. I will surely try to capture an image of poovam tree.
My hearfelt thanks for yr detailed comments and very glad to know that everyone has some memories connected with trees. Thanking you once more


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