Thursday, July 10, 2008

Erumadam from Kerala

Erumadam pictured by our friend from a cardamom plantation in Idukki district of Kerala
'Erumadam' is the tree house. In old days it was used by farmers and tribals as a safe place from wild animals and as a security post of the wide area plantations. But now it is used in tourism sector as a new facet of the old tradition and to feel the nature in its own way. It is built up of bamboo, wood panels and palm leaves as the roof. Its an adventurous climb to get on such a height.
I enjoyed the beauty from the top, at Kaprikkad in Perumbavoor. The tree house was built in a big poovam tree. It was a unique experience. There will be a hanging ladder to climb.
The above picture is from Highrange, in a cardamom plantation taken by our friend.

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