Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Elanji poo

'elanji poo manam ozhuki varunnu indriyangalil athu padarunnu' a very famous malayalam film song.
Flowers are used to make perfumes. Elanji is a shade giving tree.

'Elanjithara melam' is a famous event in thrissur pooram. It is the performance of percussion artists under an old elanji tree in the vadakkunnathan temple premises. Elanji is very common in Kerala.

We used to wear this elanji poo in hair by arranjing them in an 'eerkili'.

'Ilanji poomanam ozhuki varunnu' is a book about an ilanji tree in the temple premise of Ayyanthole and also an inspiring message about communal harmony...read more

English name of Elanji is Bullet wood tree. It is the tree of Anizham star according to Jyothisham.

We can see Elanji tree in our puranas. One story connected with Guruvayoor Sri krishna and Elanji tree. more

In Sanskrit it is known as Bakula

Importance of Elanji in Ayurveda


Sathya said...

Thank you so much.... Living in Bangalore i have never had the opportunity to see this tree or flower although the name is quite familiar

Rajesh said...

thanks a lot.

Specificity of this tree is when it flowers the aroma of this flower can be sensed from too far.


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