Saturday, February 21, 2009

Marotti plant

Marottil leaves.
Marotti maram pictures. Marottikka images. Fruits of Marotti tree. We had spotted this tree on our way to Anchuruli at Kattappana. We can see 'Marottikka' also.

Seeds of this tree contains oil. 'Marottikka thinna kakkaye pole' is a very famous saying in Malayalam. In my childhood we will cut the seeds and these are used as 'chirathu' instead of vessels made from clay on Thrikkarthika.
My father told me that marotti enna(marotti oil) and punna enna(punna oil) were used to light lamps (vilakku) in those days. marotti pinnakku was used as manure for coconut trees and it was a good pest repallant too. 'Kan mazhi' was prepared by lighting the lamp in marotti oil in those days.
Botanical name: Hydnocarpus Pentandra Oken
English name:Chaulmoogra
A belief exists about this plant is that its presence indicates water in the soil. Its oil is considered to be the most auspicious among tribals. Oil is a medicine to leprosy. Oil is also used for making soap.


ohm said...

can u give the english name for this palnt 'marotti' ?

AswathiBabu said...

Its scientific name is Hypnocarpas Pentandra Oken

maggie said...

magi sebastian
can u give d research studies done

Christo Chiramukhathu said...

Thank you Aswathi. Your article was informative and useful.

Christo Chiramukhathu said...

Thank you Aswathi. Your article was very informative and helpful.

Thomas Marotty said...

Thanks for these info


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