Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Manjadikuru is a curious item for children. In Guruvayur temple manjadi kuru is placed in an uruli. It is believed that kannan will bless children who play with that manjadikkuru. Manjadi tree is a common tree in Kerala.
In older days most of the families in Kerala have 'Pallankuzhi' it was a game with manjadikkuru. There will be a wooden platform for this play. Anyway manjadikkuru arouses the child in us.
Its a beauty chip of nature. Its colour and shape are peculiar.
Some famous songs in Malayalam are
'Manjadikkili maina mailanji kili maina
maina veno maina mania maina..'
'Manjadi mani kondu manikyam....'
'Manjadi kunnil manimukilukal poothu peeli veeshi aadidunnu moham'

Manjadi is now famous among children because of a CD named after it including songs, stories and animations.

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