Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bamboo plant

bamboo plant images from Idukki
In my childhood memories bamboo plants have a fearfull image. At that time elders believed us that these groves are snake's habitat so we will avoid that area of the play ground. But everyone watched the plant with great curiosity. Then I thought this bamboo was only used to make ladder( mannan used this to climb coconut tree) and for the big boats(used this as 'thuzha'). But now bamboo is used to make furniture and so many uses for this plant. Earlier triblas used this plant for making their home.
Some of its uses
  • It is a standard material in construction field
  • Used to make musical instruments
  • Used to make utensils like puttukutti, glass etc.
  • Its pulp is used to make paper
  • Its leaves are used as fodder
  • Its used to make boats and changadams
  • Used for flooring
  • to make furniture

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