Sunday, April 11, 2010

Muram and Parambu

'Kotta' making from Idukki. Shot was taken from the car, it didn't came well. It was near the reserve forest area. We can see the stripes of 'eeta' .
Parambu is made of 'eeta'.

Images are from Idukki drying pepper in sunlight.

Big bamboo tray from Kerala. We call this as 'muram'.

Outer part of Muram

Inner part of Muram

Its a traditional sieve used to separate grain from rice(to separate 'umi' from 'ari'). It is made of 'eeta' a plant like bamboo. Its sides are covered with cow dung. Still I remember a special rhythmatic tone created when my ammoomma separate husk from grain (in malayalam its known as 'pattuka'). Its also used for a visual separation of stones from rice.

I have the plastic version with me. But the only use of it is to collect vegetables for cutting purpose. Now we get stone less rice no need of 'pattuka'.

Its also used to dry vattals in sun light, dry chillies and corriander for powdering, dry mango and other delicious items. It was a custom to renew the muram with cowdung for all auspicious occasions like Onam, Vishu and aandu pirappu.

We visited Anchuruli last week .....images of the nature blessed site from Idukki


Aarti Badamikar said...

Every piece of basketry is such a wonder be it in any part of the world!
This is awesome.
A similar one is here

pratheeba m said...

Wher can I buy this in chennai plz let me know

Eldos said...

Many stores in Kerala villages still carry these, I’m from Mulanthuruthy near Kochi, I see these in our stores very often


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