Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vaka flower

'Vaka poo maram choodum varilam poonkulakkullil vadakakkoru muriyeduthu vadakkan thennal
vathilil vannethi nokkiya vasantha panchami pennin valakilukkam kettu koritharichu ninnu'
These flowers are a common sight in Kerala. Its a beauty for our roads, parks and grounds. Thus it became a matter of our poets too. The above lines may be the most popular song about the vaka flower.
These flowers are from the courtyard of Government Hospital, Ernakulam. It was a painful visit to see a neighbour who is a cancer patient. These flowers are posting with lot of prayers to him to have a good sleep, to have an easy breath and to have a smile in his face.
I will add the details of this flower in coming posts.

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