Wednesday, June 2, 2010

World Environment Day on June 5

World environment day is celebrated on June 5 of every year. This celebration is to make awareness of our environment among people. The host nation of World Environment Day 2010 is Pittsburgh and its theme is Biodiversity-Eco system management and the green economy.

We can also participate in the grand celebration through doing small things

  1. We can demand for e bills other than paper bills
  2. We can use bicycles for short distances
  3. Convince your child about power saving and learn them to switch off unwanted equipments
  4. Try to carry a bag always, then you can discard plastic carry bags
  5. Try to plant a tree

Whenever I hear these slogans I always remember about the lines of the great poet ONV Kurup.

'Iniyum marikkatha bhoomi ninnasanna mrithiyil ninakkatmashanthi'

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