Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ithil Plant

I was astonished to see a big ithil plant with somany branches with a rough look fell down from a big mango tree of our neighbours. There was strong wind in the last night was the reason behind that scene. The first thought was of its beauty, it was bent by nature in a cute way. It can be used for interior decoration. In Kerala a saying is 'Ithil kanni pole'. That means living under other's income. Its a parasite tree. I had seen lot of Ithil plants in Mango trees. I could not took the beautiful snap of that because of the heavy rains . Ya we are going through the kalla karkkidakam...and eagerly waiting for the grant sheer of Onam.

When I googled about 'Ithil Kanni' read an interesting ritual using this plant. Its a ritual associated with Christmas. Before christmas they will burn these dried 'Ithil kannis' as a symbol of removing all the sins from our mind. Ithil kannis are parasites, they will destroy the tree as our bad habits and sins destroy the purity of our mind. Isn't it interesting?
Its the view of these fallen plant from my kitchen window inspired me to know more about this and to write a small post about this plant. Please share your views..

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