Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Isn't it interesting and Informative??

Shots from the Ginger and Mango
When I had started blogging this blog was my dearest one. Its my time to say a special thanks and congrats to her for her great works. Blog contains very informative tips for gardening. Ginger and Mango is from US and contains wonderful pictures also. Its actually a food blog but in some posts she peeps into her garden and vegetable garden that's also a part of her life. This blog is an inspiration for me to write more posts about nature.

Wonderful Green Images from Urban Gardener
This picture is from the Urban Gardener. Its my favourite blog to see the cute Vegetables. Her poetic explanations and great pictures make us more close this greenery. Through this post I say a great thanks to Sunitha for sharing this great Knowledge and these amazing pictures.

Tips and Tricks to Kitchen Gardening from Geek Gardener

This picture led me to this blog. Its a must visit place to nature lovers and very informative posts to them that love kitchen gardens especially in cities. The blogger describes deeply with step by step pictures to start your own kitchen garden. Through his posts he lists tips to the newcomers to this field. I say a big congrats to the geek gardener for his great efforts. He explains his tirals in Hydroponic method also.

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Sunita said...

You're welcome, Aswathi. And thanks for the link and all those lovely things you said :)


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