Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aayudha pooja

Shots from our office -Ayudha pooja as part of Navarathri celebrations
'Ya devi sarva bhootheshu shakthi roopena samsthitha
Namasthasii namasthasii namsthasii namo nama
Ya devi sarvabhootheshu vidya roopena samsthitha
Namasthasii Namasthasii namasthasii namo nama
Ya devi sarvabhootheshu mathruroopena samsthitha
Namasthasii namasthasii namo nama '
Navarathri that means 'Nine nights' in sanskrit. Worshipping the goddess in 9 forms in these 9 days. This festival is observed in almost all states of India. In Kerala this festival has more connection with Saraswathi devi.
'Vella palungu niramotha vidagda roopi
Kallm kalanju kamalathilezhunna shakthi
vellathile thirakal thalli varu kanakkennullathil
vannu vilayadu saraswathi devi'
A sloka about Saraswathi devi in Malyalam.
'Pooja vekkal' and 'Pooja edukkal' will be in Saraswathi mandaps or in saraswathi temples. Pusthaka pooja and Ayudha pooja are conducted in temples. On vijayadashami day Children will start their official learning and it is known as 'Ezhuthiniruthal'. We can start learning arts in this auspicious day. If we are continuing our classes on any art form on vijayadashami day we have to give 'Dakshina' to the Guru. It is believed that on vijayadashami day we are restarting our learnings even if it is in school or in any art. After the 'Poojayeduppu' we have to write in rice or in sand. First we have to write the 56 alphabets of Malayalam. Now most of the children doesn't know malayalam alphebets. In most of the schools Malayalam is an optional language!!!
Ayudha pooja has also an important role in Navarathri. All of the equipments and tools are kept on the side of Devi for her blessings on the day after durgashtami. There will be thorough cleaning in offices prior to pooja and distribution of sweets after the pooja.
Navarathri is truly a festival that reminds us of the devine power above all letters, arts and the technology. In Kerala Navarathri means Saraswathi pooja. Through the internet we can see different types of poojas in different states. Through this post I am thanking Miss Anuradha for a detailed description of Navarathri celbration in her home and neighbourhood. Its a great attempt to know the happenings around us and conveying them to the world. Pls have a look at her blog, amazing world of 'Golus'.


Anu said...

Thanks a lot for linking to my blog.... glad you liked my navaratri posts... Its been a while since I performed Ayudha puja.. my mother does it, keeping all the instruments in the house, but here, we dont do it.

AswathiBabu said...

Anu thanks

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

gooD posT!

AswathiBabu said...

Thanks ravi


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