Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Malayalam:Kachil, Kavuthu
English:Asiatic Yum, Greater yum
Hindi:Khamalu,Chupri Alu
Botanical name:Dioscorea Alata Linn

A common tuber in Kerala. Its a must item for 'Puzhukku'. Main ingredient in ' Thiruvathira puzhukku'. Its a climber.


chitra said...

I wanted to know what is idichu pizhinja payasam.?I don't know if we use some other name for that. I would like to know about it.
My husband likes kachil a lot. So when I went to kerala got the same.

AswathiBabu said...

Its recipe is different than the usual payasam I will post in detail, because I have to ask the temple authorities about that . It is supplied from the temple on that day. Are you from Chennai

chitra said...

Aswathy, I belong to Kerala only but a Konkani. I am not familiar with all the recipes of Kerala. Our menu is slightly different.


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