Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kalyana saugandhikam flower

'Kalyana saugandhikam' means the flower with great fragrance. This white flower has a magic smell. I love this flower not only because of its smell but also of its name in our 'Mahabharatha'. I am not sure about is it the flower which fascinated the Draupadi and crashed the ego of the great Bheemasena. Malayali will not forget the lines from the Kalyana Saugandhikam thullal.
'Nokkeda nammude marge kidakkunna markkada neeyangu marikkeda shadda'. A nice story which speaks about love and ego. We can see this story in Kathakali also. Bhima searches through the forest following its amazing smell. In childhood I had believed this flower had some relation with 'Kalyanam' means wedding. Later I came to know that the flower has connection with the great 'Panchali'. Years teach us new lessons, but we have to open our eyes and ears towards nature.
Botanical Name: Hedychium coronarium Koening
English:Butterfly Ginger Lilly, White Ginger Lilly, Garland flower
Hindi:Dolan Chamba
Kannada:Suruli sugandhi
Telugu:Vasa vasanthi
Other malayalam Name:Elapoochedi

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Sneha said...

really informative...and nice description. i too love kalyanansougandhikam..


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