Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Mukkutti-Biophytum sensitivum-peetha pushpa
This small herb has antisceptic property also. A bit of knowledge I had got from my neighbour today. Every day we will meet at evenings, our children will play for that time and we will discuss about everything. She had two beautiful girls. Today we had discussed about these small little wonders around us. Then she told that mukkutti is a good medicine for wounds. After squeezing the whole plant we can place it on the top of the wound. It has high healing powers. All these are part of a medicine called 'Griha vaidyam'. We had some knowledge from the ancient times. Now we had neglected all those tips and always keeping in queue to take antibiotics as the last word of any illness.
Its a small piece of knowledge I got from my neighbour. We have to listen, listen to the breeze, listen to the chirping of birds, listen to the sounds of leaves and more and more.
Last month I had bought the book of letters of Nehru to his beloved daughter Indira. In it he is telling that every thing has a story to tell. After reading that I had thought a lot about that point. Every stone has a story to tell, but we have to care them, listen to them and nurture them.
We have to give more respect to Mukkutti. Because it had some prominent medicinal qualities.

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