Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rains with more greens

Monsoon in Kerala had started in its full swing.  Pictures around my home.  Pictures taken after a long rain.  Every patch is trying to wear its green coats.  Its very nice to hear the sound of rain in night and also I like it in the busiest hours of the day also.  Rains are here to dream and to cool the mind.  When ever I watch rain I love it with all my heart and I think its the worthy gift of god to the earth.  It enlivens the earth with its cool breeze and rhythmatic sounds.  The above flower is of my neighbourhood.  I like its elegant look with its simple colours.  More
We always here the word monsoon with lot of advertisements,  news and in health related magazines.  To know more about the word Monsoon
Life from decays also.  Mushrooms from my backyard. 
Hibiscus from my yard.  Its a nice colour with lot of energy....
Mailanchi leaves.  I like them with rich greens and lot of medicinal qualities.  To know more about the Mailanchi
Below is from my yard,  a papaya leaf carrying some rain drops.  I really want to post a series of images of mazha from kerala.  Mazha make me too lazy and I want to come out from my laziness through taking more images of mazha. 
More about Papaya

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susan manoj, mollysfarmmade.com said...

Loved the rain post. Waiting to watch more images on rain...It's really nostalgic to see such images.


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