Monday, July 2, 2012

Rains and Greens-7

Fruits of  Ilimban puli
Leaves of Ilimban puli tree
Flowers of Ilimban puli tree.
Ilimban puli tree
Its Scientific name is Averrhoa Bilimbi.

Ilimban puli tree is very common in Ernakulam.  A common belief exists that its fruits have the qualities to reduce cholestrol level.  The fruits have thick flesh and juicy.  Its used to make pickles.  One of my friends told that they had used these fruits to make vine!!!  Its a difficult task to eat this fruit because of its sourness.  In some areas its eaten with salt and spice.  Some call this as 'Chemmeen puli',  its used as an ingredient in Chemmeen dishes.  


ashok said...

lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos...

Is it pulinjikka ?

thanks for sharing

AswathiBabu said...

Thanks Ashok
Krishna we are calling this as Irimban puli or ilimban puli


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