Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vegetable Garden-1

Its a totally new venture for me.  All the episodes started when the children had got two packets of seeds from the school. That was a compulsive start up for me.  Its too hard to work in the soil because of the hot season.  Anyway I had made the patches and sowed the seeds.  Its an immense joy to watch the upcomings every day.  I feel great pleasure to see the leaves of life emerging from the soil with great vigour.  Seeds include Spinach(cheera),  ladies finger(venda),  peas (payar) and Brinjal(vazhuthina).  I will post the pictures soon.  My boys are also eager to see the developments and they are also interested for the watering and other works.
When we work in soil it soothes our mind.  Whenever you need a diversion its a nice suggestion to have some gardening.  It gives colourful and fragrant hope for tomorrow.  Now these days whenever I get time I will go into these small patches and watch quietly what is happening there.  After sowing these seeds I had noticed that most of them had eaten by ants.  After calling some veterans I had got the tips that when we sow the seeds we have to mix it with some rava then the ants will take the rava and thus we can save the valuable seeds.  Its a smart tip for vegetable gardeners.
Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council had arranged these seeds for the students.  Its a green attempt from the Government.  We have to cultivate the attitude to love the nature in our children.  They are always exposed to the consumer world around us.  I have a dream to plant some trees including Mahagony,  poovarasu and plavu.  For that I have to purchase the land first.  These ideas are also like seeds in my mind. All these have to be materialised in some years.  Wishing you all a nice day.

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