Monday, December 3, 2012

Dry grass

Its the dry grass that welcomed us with the colour of pure gold and the majestic look of wilderness.  Then we entered into a vast ground borders lined up with lush greenery.  We are back from a hospital with a tragic news.  Through my journey flashes of memory evoked me from present.  The old man who was fighting with his destiny was so dear to me and always there as a helping hand in my dad's life.  I had taken his hands and feel the warmth and shivering feel.  In my mind I said my last good bye and warm love towards him.  The fading colour of hospital,  the dry grass and the shivering old hands ended up into a prayer.  A long prayer,  at the end I was not sure is it to save him from the endless pain or free him from this world.  Life is too short.  Enjoy the green part of it with full vigour and energy. 
I had walked through endless roads which was going through uniformly lined up quarters which have lot of stories to tell.  Its a new experience to me to find such a green and remote hub in the midst of the city.  

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