Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Banana-The health tip for all

Padattikkula from my home

Vazhakoombu, vazha chundu
Vazha pindi, stem of banana excellent to fight against cholestrol.

Vazha ela

This may be the most popular fruit in Kerala. Plantain leaves are an essential part in our rituals and for our feast. Vazha pindi(stem of plantain), vazha koombu or chundu(flower of plantain) are also have high medicinal values. Today vazha naru(fibre from the stem of plantian) is used to make beautiful bags. Its used to make garlands in temples.

  1. Ethakka kurukku- I used this preparation for my elder son. Peel the banana and slice it as for upperi(chips). Dry this for 2-3 days. After that grind it well. Take one spoon ful and boil it with water and sugar. you may add milk as you like. The water content is also depend on the baby's thirst. You can use kalkandam instead of sugar. Its a healthy and protein rich baby food. This can be used by adults also. This preparation is a medicine for peptic ulcers. This kurukku can be prepared with 'Kannan kaya' also. Daily intake of Ethakka will increase the weight of the baby. It prevents the worm diseases in children

  2. Ethakka tholi thoran(Raw plantain skin)- Wash the peel in fresh water and cut it into small pieces. Cook green gram (small quantity) in cooker. Add coconut oil in pan(cheena chatti). Add some rice, mustard and veppila(curry leaves). Grind grated coconut, jeeraka and garlic. After splurting add the sliced peel, salt, turmeric powder, cooked green gram, coconut mix and little water. Cook it for sometime. Serve hot. Its a delicious and money saving dish.

Other dishes we usually make

  1. Ethakka mezhukkuperatti

  2. Ethakka erisseri

  3. Ethakka kalan

  4. Ethakka thoran

  5. Ethakka upperi

  6. Ethakka sharkara peratti

Dishes prepared using banana

Banana fry-Ethakka appam or pazham pori

Pazham payasam

Leaves of the plantain (vazha) vazha ela are used to

  • Serve the meals during functions-most hygienic and disposable, nature friendly

  • Pack the food during journeys

  • To make dishes like 'Ela ada'

My grand mother used to fry the fish in very special way. She will put the fish in a piece of Ela and then it is placed in the pan(cheena chatti). After some time she will cook the other side of the fish in the same way. After the two sides are equally cooked she will pour some oil after removing the elas. This method will save the oil and the fish will be tasty without much oil.

In my nursery days in my lunch box she will place all the side dish covered in these leaves. To pack food we must first cut the leaves in correct shape. Then place it over the flame (vattuka). Otherwise during packing it will break.

Temples have great demand of these leaves

Fruits of Kerala

Tap the hidden energy in you

Kattar vazha


soosan said...

nice post. Ithellam ninakku undakkan ariyumo?

Empirical said...

Nice tips. I too eat 3 bananas a day but boys in hostel always make fun of it. I find banana to be the most convenient fruit because you don't need a knife neither need to wash it before having it. It tastes good as well.

Seena said...

check this link.

AswathiBabu said...

informative articles....
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