Sunday, February 17, 2008


Pidakkozhi images -Adayirikkunna kozhi
Poovan kozhi
Poovan kozhi pictures

Kozhi coming out of the kozhikkoodu. Kozhikkoodu is made up of wooden panels and roof is of 'odu' ceramic tiles very common in kerala. It has a door made up of wood. Kozhikkoodu will be strong to prevent enemies from entering the koodu.

Earlier it was a common sight in Kerala. Most of the homes have their own Kozhikkoodu. Then house wives earned some extra money through selling the eggs. Now we depend Tamil nadu for egg and 'kozhikkoodu' became a rare sight in Kerala.

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KVS said...

I have read your earlier post on Sacred Plants Resort near Bangalore.

Can you please give me the exact address of the resort?

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