Monday, November 19, 2007

Home Remedies(Nattu Arivukal)

  1. Obesity-Mix one spoon lime juice with equal amount of honey. Add water.Regular usage will reduce your overweight.
  2. Boil coconut oil(kachuka) with red sandal wood pieces and pieces of lime. A good remedy for Tonsilitis, Sinusitis, Sneezing and regular head aches.
  3. Mix some lime juice with black tea an instant remedy for head aches
  4. If you are suffering bad breath drink lime juice in a regular basis and gargle it.
  5. Apply limejuice to your scalp and massage thoroughly-remedy for dandruff
  6. Mix some lime juice with black tea and salt an instant remedy for loosemotion
  7. For digestive problems and flatulence add sugar into the lime juice and take it regularly.
  8. To remove the black colour in lips, apply a mixture of milk cream and lime juice
  9. Cracking of lips-apply butter or milk cream
  10. Milk cream and glycerine increases the colour of your lips
  11. To remain healthy prepare oats with milk and sugar
  12. Add 50g of Turmeric powder in the water and use this water to bath, turmeric heals all the skin diseases

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