Monday, November 26, 2007


Kumbalanga, seeds can also be seen

There was a surprise in the back of my home at Changanacherry. During my last trip I was surprised to see some Kumbalanga in the top of 'pulimaram'(Tamarind tree). It was the first time in my home we tasted a kumbalanga from our own soil. Kumbalanga (Ash gourd) is a very common vegetable in Kerala. This vegetable is of two types:small(ney kumbalanga) and the big one. Ney kumbalanga(vaidya kumbalanga) is used for medicines in Ayurveda. Its used to make 'Kushmanda rasayana'. Vaidya Kumbalanga is a health rejuvanator.
Kumbalanga is an inevitable part of our vegetarian recipies . During summer season we must include Kumbalanga in our daily diet. Immature fruits of Ashgourd are known as Ilavan. Kumbalanga is used to make sweets and candys.
Kumbalanga with Moru(buttermilk), Kumbalanga with parippu, Olan, Aviyal, Sambar, Molosium and many more. This vegetable is a medicine for Diabetis and Obese. Kumbalanga juice is a remedy for your belly stomach and it is a proved remedy for Peptic ulcers. It is rich with vitamin B and C. This vegetable has a cooling effect. It increases the amount of urine and purifies the body.
During my hostel days our warden had a special 'kondattom' for us. Dried peel of Ash gourd fried in coconut oil. Before drying they will add salt to it. It is also delicious.
In devi temples kumbalanga is used for guruthi poojas.

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