Thursday, March 13, 2008


Kappichedi from Kerala, we can see the flower' kappipoo' also.
Kappi chedi, kappikkuru, kappi poo and kappi thottam are a common sight in Highrange. In highrange, kattan kappi is a must in cool mornings, they are calling it as 'kattan'. kattan kappi(black coffee) is kappi without milk. In highrange they prepare coffee powder as their own. Its different from the powder we buy from the shop. For the tastiest kattan kappi we must add some coffee powder to the boiling water, add some sugar and sip it in cool mornings....
Chukku kappi is another variety of kapi. To prepare this we must add some chukku, chakkara, thulasi leaves and pepper powder with coffee powder to the boiling water. Its a medicine for cold, cough and fever. Now chukku kappi powder is available in supermarkets.
Chakkara kappi is also a variety. In this we add karippeetti or chakkara(palm sugar) instead of sugar.

Coffee culture in Kerala is changing. Nadan chayakkada's to modern coffee pubs.

Coffee at MG Road

Coffee at Kochi

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