Wednesday, March 12, 2008

High range views

Kanikkonna remembers Vishu and Unnikkannan. A legend exists about this yellow flower. Guruvyurappan throw his Aranjanam(waist band) these flowers are sprouted from that oranament. It is an essential flower for the Vishu festival. It is a medicinal plant also.
Kanakambaram-flowers without fragrance. It is a flower crop in south India. It is used with Jasmine to decorate hair or making garlands. These flowers are tied with Jasmine flowers(mulla) to wear in the hair. Another variety has a dark orange colour. A very common and beautiful flower from South India.

Chembarathi poove chollu devane nee kando ....

Kongini-mixing of colours by nature in a pretty way. These can be found in white, pink and violet.

Shavamnari. The flowers have a bad smell so the name Shavam nari(the smell of corpse). The flower is used in Ayurvedic medicines. Its stem leaves and roots are used to prepare medicine. Its an effective medicine for leukemia, breast cancer and skin cancer.

chethi mandaram thulasi pichaka malakal charthi guruvayoorappa ninne kani kanenam....

Chembarathi -White hibiscus.

A white flower without smell-views from Thookkupalam, Idukki

Bandi poo- Orange and yellow mixtures with an ugly smell. This flower has great demand during Onam days to make Onapookkalam(Flower arrangement in front of the house to welcome Mahabali).

Rose(pani neer rose)

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