Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Dried chanakam using as the main manure for cheera
Pachacheera is more nutritious than the red one

'Cheera krishi' from my chitta's house at Changanacherry. They are very tasty. They use only chanakam(cow dung) and gomuthram as the fertilizers and pukayilakazhayam as pesticides. Whenever I buy cheera from shop it will not cook well, may be because of the chemical fertilizers.

Thazhuthama-Pictures from Kochi

Pachacheera -Shots taken from Thammanam

Cheera(spinach) is the widely availabe leafy vegetable in Kerala. Mainly its of two types, pacha cheera(green)and chumanna cheera(purple in colur). This leafy vegetable is rich with vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants. The other cheera varieties are velicheera(mysore cheera), sambar cheera, kuppa cheera, valli cheera, ponnamkanni cheera, agathi cheera, mullan keera, madhura cheera, kozhuppa, thakara and thazhuthama.

Most popular dishes with cheera include cheera avial with chakka kuru, vellarikka and manga.
Cheera thoran is also a tasty and nutritious for children.
Popoye the cartoon character always eats spinach for vigorous attacks. I always tell this to my son to eat some cheera for good health.

Dasha pushpam-Ten sacred flowers will bring health and wealth to our family

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