Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A humble plant

Thumba poo is a very small flower in pure white. Thumba plant is very common in Kerala and it is used in some ayurvedic medicines. Thumba poo has a main role in the floral decoration (atha poo) of Onam festival. The bunch of flowers is called 'Thumba kudam'. It is also used in 'Karkkidaka vavu bali tharpanam'(a ritual offered to the ancestors). Its also used in the bali conducted at homes in Kerala. Thumba leaves are excellent mosquito repellers. The juice of leaves with honey is a medicine for indigestion and stomach ache. In ayurveda it is known as 'Dhrona pushpi'. It is an excellent antipyretic. The flowers with honey is effective for coughs and cold in children. Thumab poo mala(garland made of flowers of thumba) is a major offering in Vaikkathu temple for' mangalya bhagyam'.

Now most of the children didn't know the thumba. They make athapookkalam with the colourful flowers from Tamil nadu.

Some malayalam song which mention thumba plant

'Thumbi penne va va thumbachottil va va'

'Thumba poo niramulla cherumani chorundu'
Thumba is famous for the Rocket Launching station at Thiruvanathapuram. That place was rich with Thumba plant thus the name Thumba.
Dasha pushpam


susan manoj, artude.com said...

Really? That name came from thumba poovu to that rocket launching station? Thanks for the information......

ജെ പി വെട്ടിയാട്ടില്‍ said...

very nice feature about plants.
can u send me large size photos of
pavizhamalli and parijatham.
i mean full plant
branches with thickly flowered
thanks and regards


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