Friday, June 27, 2008


Panchamritham from Sree Subrahmanya swamy temple perunna. Grapes, dates, ghee,honey and banana are the ingredients. A very special offering to Sree Murukan. This is used for 'Abhishekam'(pour this over the idol). After the abhishekam it is believed that it has medicinal qualities.
Another main offering in this temple is 'Uriyari payasam'.
'Shashti vratham' is a main ritual here.
Thypooya kavadi mahotsavam
Thypooya kavadi is the main festival. Devotees carry 'kavadi' on their shoulders with special offerings like tender coconut, milk, karpooram, panineer or bhasmam. This will be a great procession for two days. During that festival two teams, padinjattumbhagam and kizhakkumbhagam offer their kavadis separately. Its a spectacular festival with majestic jumbos, wide variety of percussion music and great fire works. Agni kavadi is also very famous. Devotees with their kavadi will walk through the fire. 'Shoolam kuthal' is also offered with great devotion. shoolam is the weapon of Sri Subrahmanya.
'pazhanimala kovilile pal kavadi balasubrahmanyante peelikavadi
velmuruka haro hara shanmukhane haro hara
aarumukha haro hara aandavane haro hara' Its a famous song about the kavadi at Pazhani mala.

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