Thursday, June 26, 2008

Valan puli

Puli processed for storage purpose
Valan puli

Puli with its seeds. puli and pulinkuru

Puli without shell

Valan puli images

Valan puli maram

Valan puli maram

Its wood is hard and durable. It is used to make furniture and wooden flooring. Its leaves, pulp and bark have several medicinal qualities. Tamarind is a medicine for gastric problems in Ayurveda. Its a shade giving tree. Its name origin came from Arabic. Tamar hind means indian date.
Leaves of Valan puli (Tamarind)
Earlier every home has its own pulimaram. Its a great task to store puli for one year. Fully ripen fruits are collected from the tree. After breaking the shells, their seeds are removed. This process is known as 'Puli kuthal'. Seeds are known as Pulinkuru. After that they are dried to remove the water content. Then they are put in 'Bharani' large vessals made of clay. Seeds of Tamarind are called pulinkuru. Children will play with these seeds. Puli is used to clean bronze vessals.

Leaves of puli has healing qualities also. For bodyache, boil some water with puli leaves and have a bath with this hot water, a simple home remedy in Kerala.

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