Sunday, July 6, 2008

'Flower power' of Kerala

These flowers are from Model Floriculture Nursery Unit run by Kerala Agricultural University at the Cardamom Research Centre, Pambadumpara. Shots taken by Mr.Sreejith.
Flowers have a large global market today. Flowers became an indispensable part of our occasions. Now we have not enough space or time to cultivate flowers for our own usage. In old days it was used in some special occasions and for Poojas. But now its a status symbol to adore home and offices with fresh flowers. Thus the floriculture opened a new vista to the youth of India. Government and banks are doing a good job to promote the various opportunities in this 'Flower world'. Market of cut flowers will rise on special days such as valentines day, mothers day and fathers day. In these days cut-flower rate will increase Rs.5/- to Rs15/-!!!!!India Government is doing a lot of programs to help floriiculturists. Apart from the global market flowers have a large local market also. Its also a sustainable employment route. Women from various parts of India are participating flower cultivation run by self help groups. Bush Jasmine, Kanakambaram and Roses are the main items. During Onam days Arali, Jamanthi and Kongini are also in the market.

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Unknown said...

Hi Ashwati,

I arrived at your blog while looking for an image of kakkapoovu. Thank you for posting the pictures of plants along with their names.

There are too many plant names that I have heard in Malayalam, but have not been able to identify them. I found some of them on your site which is great.

There is a particular plant image, however, that is not accompanied by a name and incidently, I have been looking for the name of that plant for the last few months. It is the third image of the potted plant with red blooms and a thorny trunk and branches found on the "flower power of Kerala" page. Could you share the name of the plant as well? It will be very helpful since I am trying to find it.

Thanks in advance. And I hope to see check in again soon and see more wonderful plants.


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