Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mithuna mazha....

Everyone like them, may be because of their colour, because of the smell or may be for their appearance. These yellow flowers are very common in Kerala. These plants do not need much nourishing. The images of flowers give us joy. I always surf in flicker for variety of flowers just to see them. These flowers make us more attached to nature.
Allichenthamara is the name of the flower. Very pretty flower from Kerala.

A hasty shot because of the rains. Flowers are from the Shastri Nagar in Kochi.
'Manassil mithuna mazha pozhiyum azhakil oru mayilin alasa lasyam...'
Flowers bring a lot of positiveness into my mind. Especially rains make them more lovely. These shots are taken after a rain. Flowers are part of our culture too. Jasmine (mulla poo) is an inevitable part of marriage. Garlands, decoration of stage, decorate the hair of bride and other relatives....more and more. One of my relative was very keen to keep fresh flowers inside the house. She arranged them according to its height and colour. It will give an elegant look to the room and a positive sign to the visitors. Some days she had done it with some grass flowers. Every part of the nature has its own beauty. Our attitude is the main thing. Now fresh flowers became a vast business area. Hotels and other business institutions need fresh flower arrangement inside the rooms. Flower arrangement thus became a special area in interior designing. In the film'Swapanakkoodu' Kamal explored the story of two sisters selling flowers.
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