Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When I think of a Tree....

An old rain tree pictured from Kochi
Trees are converting light energy of the sun into chemical energy. They absorb Carbon dioxide and discard Oxygen as a by product of photo synthesis. Solar energy is used for making food. This is the basic of all activities of nature. Our food, gasoline, Oxygen all things are connected to Sun and these trees. Trees may be the only one organisms than can make their own food. All other organisms depend trees for their food. Trees convert sunlight into a reusable form..

In Bharatha, its the part of our culture to worship trees. 'Aalmaram' Peepal tree may be the first one in my memories. Whenever I go to temple I will do 'Pradikshanam' (walk around with bowing hands) around it with a manthra. 'Moolatho brahmaroopaya madhyatho vishnu roopine agratha shiva roopaya vriksharajaya te namaha' We believe that thrimurithis reside in this tree. Trees are doing a lot to us. We must teach our children to respect, to love and to nurture trees. Pee pal tree is sacred in our culture. Reports shows that it has the capacity to draw lightning to earth. It sends out oxygen 41 times more than other trees. Its leaves are always moving thus we get plenty of fresh air. Heart shaped leaves of this tree are used to make handi crafts.

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