Thursday, October 30, 2008

Farm tourism-Nature in its purity

Farm tourism is gaining more popularity today. It is aiming foreign and native tourists. To know the rural areas of Kerala, their life style, ethnic art forms, kerala plantations and to taste the cuisine in its own style. Farm tourism gives an opportunity to the farmers to exploit the tourism in an effective way. Through this we can rejuvanate our body and mind in a natural way. One who is not familiar with our crops and plantations, have a look at it. Tourism that will not affect the nature in a harmful way and through this the ultimate result of the tourism will reach upto the down level of the society.

Home stays play a major role in this sector. Tourists can enjoy the Kerala life style, they can mingle with the family members and taste the kerala dishes right from the kitchen. Home stays reveal the true culture of Kerala to a foreigner, through this he can experience our strong family realtionship and respect towards elders etc. Unpolluted air and pure water make our villages more refreshing. Now home stays are becoming an income source to the farmers.

India's first model tourism village is in Kerala. Kumbalangi, in Ernakulam District becoming classic example of sustainable tourism development. Their you can visit fish farms, boating through the back waters, toddy tapping, coir making, chinese fishing nets and so on.

Cardamom plantation in Kerala


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