Friday, March 27, 2009

Ezhilam pala

Leaves of Ezhilam pala
Ezhilam pala tree -shots from Aalappuzha
Tree mostly related to ancient stories of ghosts. Its also known as Yakshi pala. Flowers have an exciting fragrance. This evergreen ornamental shade tree is native to India. Its strong fragrance attract pollinators.
In Sanskrit it is known as 'Saptha parni'. Leaves come out in whorls of seven that's the name 'Ezhilam pala'. This tree has medicinal qualities also. The wood is used for match sticks, black boards and packing cases.
This tree can be seen near 'kavu' and temples. It is believed that this tree is abode of evil spirits.
May be its fragrance and connection with the legends make this tree a common subject for poets and novelists.
Very famous malayalam film songs
'Ezhilam pala poothu poomarangal kuda pidichu
Vellimalayil velimalayil'
'Pala poove enthiru mangalya thali tharoo
Makara nilave neeyen neeharakkodi tharoo
Kanathe vinnithalay maryum...'

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