Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pera maram

I had not noticed the guava flower. Its marvellous. Its also used as a medicine for Bronchitis.
Pera poovu shots from Kattappana.
Since this time I hadn't noticed this flower. This blog is my initial step to know more about nature. I love to watch nature with more curiosity due to this blog. Whenever I bow in front of arayal 'peepal tree' I think its more heartfelt nowadyas.

Most of my memories about childhood have a connection with a tree. Pera maram, chamba, kashumavu, nadan mavu, ambazham, plavu, puli, kurukkuthi, marotti, arana maram, kada plavu, aanjily, kilichundan mavu ....... the list goes on . But my children are not familiar with these trees. They don't know how to climb upon them easily or how play bus or train from their branches. Its a thrill to collect maximum mangoes falling during windy season. Nature give taste, smell and colours to our memories also.

There was a 'potta kinar' in our play area. Potta kinar means a well that is not used. In that days there was not a restricted area for playing. I think that freedom was the real happiness in that play. My children have balls, building blocks and other toys to play. But their area is limited. That may be the cause for their frustration.

My ammoomma's home had a huge plavu. There was an old jasmine plant. Whenever I remember that jasmine flowers I can also see my friends.
Almost all homes in Kerala have a guava(Pera), excuse to city dwellers. 'Perentha Perakka' Its a common saying in Kerala. Guava is eaten as fresh fruit. We have two varieties mainly the pink and the green. Pink guava can be used to make Guava milk shake. In Tamil nadu we can see fresh guava cubes with light amount of chilli and salt on it. In Kuttanadu I had seen very small type perakka which has more sour than the usual one.
In Kerala Guava leaves are put in boiled water and its a great medicine to sugar patients. This decotion is used in medicines for vomiting and diarrhoea. It increases our digestion.
Powdered form of bark is used in medicines for wounds and sores.

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