Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pacha manga...pacha manga

Yesterday Hari asked me about kilichundan manga. He was not so sure about the varieties of manga. He is not lucky enough to collect mangoes showering from the mango tree.

Kilichundan manga-Kilichundan manga has a brown shade in the main green colour and its tip is like a bird's beak. In my cousin's home we will gather in verandah and pluck the mangoes. Cut them in small cubes, mix them with chopped onions, chilli powder, salt and coconut oil. It was so tempting even to think about that gatherings. Uppu manga, kanni manga and enna manga are also my favourites. Pazhutha manga chammanthi is a main dish in my chitta's home at Kuttanadu. Manga thera is a very special item made by mango fruit.

Pazhutha manga-My father, hailing from Kuttanadu is also a great fan of Mangoes. He always squeeze 'manga pazham' into the rice and mix its juice with 'moru'and salt. Its also a variety taste of manga.
My husband's home is at Idukki, he knows more varieties of mango than me. Chakkakuru-mangoe is his favourite dish. Pazhutha manga pulisseri is a main dish in Vishu sadya.

Kannimanga (baby mangoes) My grandmother was so fond of kanni manga. She collects lot of kannimangs from road side during her routine temple visits. After thorough washing she will put all these mangoes, salt and boiled and cooled water to a glass vessel. Its a delicious accompany of Kanji.

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