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Thirst quencher of Kerala

Again a summer ....May be the effect of global warming , kerala is also in its maximum temperature. To keep our body healthy during this hot season, drinking sufficient amount of water is a must. I think the butter milk is the correct refreshing drink during this season. In Kerala it is called 'Moru vellam' or 'Sambharam'or 'pacha moru'. In ancient days it was the common drink of Kerala. During our traditional feast 'Sadya' it is the last item to help digestion. But now we like pepsi, mirinda, Rasna and Tank.
Instead of aerated drinks we can give this to children with out any fear.
Butter milk soothes the intestines. Healthy batcteria in the butter milk boosts our immunity. It boost our digestion also.
How to prepare 'moru vellam'. 'Moru' or butter milk is 'thairu' or curd without 'Venna' or butter. When we separate butter from curd, add equal amount of water it become butter milk. In Kerala traditionally we make curd in Bharanis, a special type of vessal made of clay. Its a special taste for that 'moru' made in bharani. My grandmother used a special device known as 'mathu' or 'kadakol' to separate venna from thairu. It takes a lot of time to separate venna from curd. But that butter milk had an ethnic taste. Kadakol was made of wood now we will get its plastic version also.

  1. Boil milk with small amount of water

  2. After sufficient cooling add small quantity of curd into it.

  3. The next day you will get the curd

  4. Blend it with some more water and salt

  5. If you are so health conscious, you can remove the butter from it, then it will very light

  6. For elders we can have some seasoning to it

  7. Add some curry leaves(kariveppila)finely chopped , crushed ginger, some pieces of green chilly, pieces of shallots and a small amount of lime.

  8. You can season moru vellam as per your taste

  9. Some people add leaves of narakam

  10. Serve instantly

  11. You may use chilled water

  12. We can have it with proud because its an ethnic drink of India

In Kerala during festival season gatherings devotees supply 'moru vellam' to the people as a special offering to the diety. For this large scale preparation they add some chilly powder to it.

According to my mother in law in her child hood there will be sheds at main junctions to supply sambharam and and as a resting point. These sheds are called 'Thanneer pandhal'. At that time most of the travellers are pedestrians and thanneer pandhal was a great relief to them.

Other interesting links about 'moru vellam'. Images of drinks will hype our thirst..

I had read in Mathrubhumi some Kochitis hailing from Gujarath supplies buttermilk as Chaas. This is a special preparation with Jeeraka(cumin), crushed kaduku(mustard seeds), green chilly and curry leaves.

Chaas Recipe

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Takes you to childhood memories when the moru & venna were made this way!


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