Saturday, July 4, 2009

Turmeric plant

Manjal(turmeric) is considered as an auspicious object in Kerala. Turmeric powder is a main ingredient in Kerala cuisine. It gives the special yellowish colour to our dishes. It is first item in the grocery list. It is believed that manjal can remove some harmful bacterias. It is used as a cleansing herb among women of south India. It removes the excess hair and makes skin more healthy. It is used to enhance skin colur. In devi temples of Kerala manjal is the main prasadam.
'manjal prasadavum nettiyil charthi manja kurimundum chutti...' is a very popular song in Malayalam.
'Manjani poonilavu perattin kadavathu manjalarachu vechu neeradumbol...' its another song.
'Vara manjaladiya ravinte maril ' is also a popular film song.
'Manjal para' is a main offering in durga temples during festive season.
Manjal is an inevitable part of naga pooja. In Kerala all ancient homes have their own 'sarpa kavu'. Manjal is a main offering in 'Sarpa kavu'.
According to Ayurveda it enhances our immunity also. Daily intake of turmeric and honey will boost our immunity.
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