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Thulasi (Holy Basil)
Thulasi plant is an inevitable part of Hindu culture. Hindus worship the plant with great care. Thulasi has a lot of medicinal properties. It is considered as a sacred herb.
Thulasi is Sanskrit word means ‘incomparable one’. It has main role in Thai Cuisine also.
Thulasi Thara or Thulsi vrindavan- A specially made platform to plant Thulasi in the courtyards. Hindus water the plant in morning and evening chanting mantras. Thulasi has medicinal properties and also considered as a 'devatha' (goddess) according to Hindu culture. Its leaves are mainly used for the poojas of Sri Mahavishnu.
Various types of Thulasi
Krishna Thulasi- It has dark purpled leaves. It is mainly used in Vishnu poojas.
Rama Thulasi- It has green coloured leaves.
Karpoora Thulasi
· Kattu Thulasi- Leaves of Kattu thulasia re used in lotions and cleaning liquids.
Medicinal Values of Thulasi
In Ayurveda each and every part of plant is used to make medicines. Thulasi has the power to enhance our immunity.
Thulasi is a remedy for eye disorders:ailments dueto Vitamin A like sore eyes and night blindedness. The juice of black Thulasi can be put into the eyes.
Insect bites: Fresh juice of the leaves along with turmeric is an effective remedy. This paste may be applied to the affected area on an hourly basis.
skin disorders: Thulsi Juice is a remedy for ringworm
Coughs-It is an important constituent of all Ayurvedic cough syrups
Flu and Cold-Excellant remedy for flu and cold
Respiratory disorder
Heart disorder-It reduces the level of cholestrol
Teeth disorders-Powder made from the dried leaves can be used to brush the teeth
Mouth infections:A few leaves can be chewed ill reduce the irritations
Kidney stone:The juice of leaves and honey taken in a regular basis will expel the stone through urine.
Thulasi juice with pudina juice and lime juice will remove pimples.
Thulasi Stories
· Thulasi beads mala-Necklace made with the thulsi beads are used by the devotees as a tool in meditation. To buy a thulasi bead mala
· Thulasi has a large market value today. Many temples purchase thulasi from suppliers. Thus it has become a crop. Thulasi plantations saved lot of farmers from their debts. A story about Thulasi mahotsav, a grand festival at UP felicitating Thulsi farmers. more
· How we can plant a sacred thulasi and grow it??? Detailed explanation of the growing of thulasi plant.
· If you want to buy some Thulsi leaves, Please check the thulsi leaves suppliers page.
· Thulasi can fight against Swine fue. To know more
· More about the cultivation of Thulasi
· Tulsi devi fulfills our prayers, a story from Michigan
· How to worship Thulasi devi, Its very auspicious and remove all material sins from us…
· Basil varieties from all over the world
· Detailed Story of Thulasi devi

Thulasi and Puranas
According to puranas Thulasi devi was a great devotee of Sri Krishna. Thus the plant got the sacred position. Its leaves are mainly used for the offerings of Lord Vishnu.

Earlier post of thulasi with pictures of rama thulasi, kattu thulasi and karpoora thulasi

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IndianWildlifeClub said...

I live in Gurgaon. Wanted to buy a Tulsi plant for the house and checked out at least five nurseries in Mehraulli area. Stock reply was "Tulsi is out of stock". One nursery had "American Tulsi". Leaves are greener and bigger but not like basil. Had faint smell of Tulsi.

What is going on? Any clue?

AswathiBabu said...

I can give you some numbers supplying plants from kerala.
Following is the list of nurseries in Ernakulam,+Cochin,+Kerala/Ernakulam/1
Thanking you

AswathiBabu said...

If you are interested I can send you some seeds of thulasi from Kerala.


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