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The term itself remembers me of Kuchela the friend of Krishna. Oneday he decide to tell his friend about his problems in life and then he took an 'avil pothi' to present his old friend as a token of his love. Krishna was very fond of aval he ate that aval with great pleasure. After that visit Kuchela's hut turned into a castle with the blessings of Krishna...
Read the full story of Kuchela
Ramapurathu Warrior's Kuchela vritham vanchippattu gives a clean portrait of the meeting of the two in Malayalam.
That may be the first impression of aval in my mind. Aval is a main offering in Krishna temples.
Its a main snack of children in Kerala. It has main role in Hanuman temples also.

Aval is known as Poha in English. It is flattened rice or beaten rice. It is of two types white version and brownish one. It can also be called as rice flakes. They are very good source of Iron.

Some dishes common in Kerala using aval are

  • Aval nanachathu

  • aval vilayichathu

  • aval payasam

  • aval uppumavu
Some blog pages about aval receipis

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