Friday, March 12, 2010

Layman's drink in summer season

Its undoubtedly 'Naranga vellam' or lime juice. 'Soda naranga vellam', Sarbath all are lime juice with different additions.
Naranga or lemon has great amount of calcium in it. We have to add this lime juice to the daily diet of children because its a rich source of calcium.
To make lemon juice choose the ripe one, wash thoroughly. The yellowish one will be the most juicy. To squeeze it you can do it with hand or with a leamon juicer. For one lemon juice you can add 2-3 glass of water. Add enough sugar or sugar syrup. To quench your thirst, you can add small amount of salt to it. Instead of water you may add soda to it. Instead of sugar you can add salt and crushed pieces of green chilly to it. These are different types of taste varieties in naranga vellam according to me. Any way it may be the cheapest, refreshing and nutritious dring you can have in this hot season.

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