Thursday, April 8, 2010

Appooppan thadi

Since from the childhood its amzing. We played with it. We didn't asked about its origin. Its an apt material to play. Yesterday my child pleaded me to have an appooppan thadi to play. I am also longing to see an appooppan thadi. Yes, in coming days we have to long for everything that we have in childhood.
These pictures are from Idukki. The origin of Appooppan thadi. From here it starts its journey. It passes through small hands for just amazing them.
Sometimes we want to be free as appooppan thadi. Its effortlessness and the pure white colour. Throughout its journey it entertain people. Its an amazing piece of nature, showing us the beauty and charm of freedom.
A famous film in malayalam 'Kakkothi kavile Appooppanthadi' its based on a missing girl. A very interesting film, Revathi as heroing.

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