Thursday, April 8, 2010

Flowers and Positive Energy

Vishu is coming.......

Flowers may be the most beautiful creation of God. Different varieties, colours, shapes and smell. Its a part of our life. We can't even think of a marriage without Jasmine. According to our culture flowers are very auspicious. Most of the flowers had legendary connection with our gods and goddesses. Vishu the term itself remembers of 'Kanikkonna'. Onam and onapookkalam again reminds the flowers. In Ramayana Rama tells Lakshmana that who offers leaf, flower, fruit or water to the god he will be blessed. Flowers bring positive energy into us. Just imagine the fragrance of Jasmine, gandharajan, Pala poo, Ilanji poo, Coffee flower, pichi flower, Rose flower and many more.
We use lot of flowers for pooja in temples.

Nice blog about flowers and positive energy

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